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Reenaye Starr is webmodel and webmaster working in the Plus Size Adult Entertainment arena since 2006. She can be found on many websites, including and, which she founded and owns. She is widely known throughout the industry as a feedee/gainer and has appeared in Big Butt Magazine, several lifestyles magazines across the UK, The Dr. Oz Show, and the well-known British documentary, "My Big Fat Fetish."

She runs a feederism blog, is an active member of the plus size community and is also married to the highly regarded BBW & Growth Fetish Artist, Saxxon.

She has gained over 100 pounds since she began modeling and is currently maintaining her weight at just over 400 lbs. Her favorite hobbies include: eating, photography, writing lesbian erotica, painting, watching classic horror movies, studying music, and karaoke night at the local bar.

She is originally from Texas and currently resides in Florida.

Reenaye Starr

Other alias :
Birthday  : Oct 31, 1980
Measurements: 68-70-74
Bra Size  : 52H
Height  : 5'3
Weight  : 409
Hair color  : Black
Eye color  : Brown
topless  : Yes
frontal  : Yes
bush  :
solo  : Yes
hardcore  : Yes
Nationality : US
website  :

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